UWE OBERG - piano
FRANK PAUL SCHUBERT- soprano saxophone
- 7 string bass
- drums, percussion

CD ROPE @ Red Toucan 2015: listen to samples


Review by GLENN ASTARITA / allaboutjazz April 2016
Review by KEN WAXMAN / JazzWord July 2016

Schubert and Oberg have played together since 2009, mostly as a duo, but also with drummers like Günter Baby Sommer, Christian Lillinger, Jörg Fischer .

Berlin based soprano saxophonist Frank Paul Schubert works regularly with Willi Kellers, Andreas Willers, Johannes Bauer, Matthias Müller, John Edwards, Mark Sanders, Paul Dunmall, Alexander von Schlippenbach and many more. Besides ROPE, he is member of the bands GRID MESH, FOILS and the FABRIC TRIO.

Otmar Klammer (ORF/Austria) writes about Uwe Oberg: "Oberg is one of the few, that really join american with european improvised music;(...) one of the most intriguing pianists at the fascinating intersection of New Music and Free Jazz, who impresses mainly with an economic style". 2007 he received the Jazzprize of the state of Hessen and plays with LACY POOL, Silke Eberhard, Eric Plandé Trio and as a soloist.

For the quartet ROPE Oberg and Schubert join the British drummer Mark Sanders and the British bass-player Paul Rogers, two of European improvisers most in demand - promising an startling and exciting coup.
ROPE'S music is characterized from the sleepwalker-like interplay, also from the constructive playing with texture. Despite the spontaneity and love for details the four always keep the dynamic course in mind - instant composing literally. They mix their diverse musical experiences into a unique music, where unspoiled, meditative, abstract and jazzy elements form a new unit - beyond categories.


Photo by Matthias Schertler: click for download
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CD Schubert & Oberg SHOTS & COUPS (gligg records 2012)
Soundfiles: Country Coup - Chant - Sansevieria
Review: Jazz Word, Ken Waxman, August 2013
Video live in Saarbrücken 2013 (w Jörg Fischer drums)